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Business Strategy

Businesses today are trying to link Supply Chain Management with their overall business strategy. Strategic supply chain decisions have long lasting effect on the business and include decisions governing different business units and overlapping of supply chain and industry structures. Businesses need to analyze how these structures are affected by the speed of change in the industry.

Decisions relating to acquiring market share and growth, entering new markets, deploying new processes for change, are policy level decisions which affect decision drivers down the line. Decisions relating to demand estimation, market segmentation, marketing strategy which includes selection of the right portfolio of products, their pricing and promotion, all form part of the business strategy.

Operational strategy includes reaching the target market, storage and logistics requirement, selection of right IT framework etc. All of these decision points have to be entwined with the supply chain strategy in order to achieve the objectives of the firm. Some of the strategic decisions that fall within the supply chain domains are:

Product Development
  • Outsource v/s in-house
  • Information channeling
  • Roles and responsibilities for new product introduction
  • Raw material supplier selection of suppliers
Sourcing & Procurement
  • Vendor selection
  • Strategic partnerships
  • E-procurement
  • S & P decision making
Logistics & Distribution
  • Direct or indirect shipment
  • Network design and transportation flows
  • Inventory Control decisions
  • Impact analysis of change decisions
Information Technology
  • Tools and software for modeling, simulation and forecasting
  • IT as a Decision Support System
  • Decisions on IT integration and data sharing internally and between supply chain partners
  • E-commerce and the logistical infrastructure required to support it
  • Automation in entire process and cost-benefit analyses

Aqua Logistics ensure the right alignment and implementation of supply chain practices with business strategies. We help adjust your supply chain policies to the needs of your business unit and products. Supply chain and business (sales, marketing, finance) strategies must reflect an integrated design that includes effective tradeoffs between the various business and supply chain elements.

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