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Organization Design & Governance

Organizational designs differ from company to company. Certain designs encourage innovation and shorten development cycles while some aid quicker decision making. By synchronizing its supply chain with its organizational design, an enterprise can create a competitive tool to quickly respond to changing customer needs and demand cycles. That is precisely what consultants can help you achieve.

In this global economy, supply chain organization needs to be optimally designed for better business performance and to add value to the overall customer experience. Effective organization design can be structured answering the following issues:

  • Decision relating to identifying the core competencies of the firm and thus completing those activities internally
  • When can an activity be outsourced and the associated risks with it?
  • Decentralization of any activity/ process for e.g. having centralized warehouse system or having distributed network and the resulting trade off which needs to be balanced between time, money and quality
  • Whether all the functions needed to perform an activity/ process in place?
  • What are the various non value adding functions that can be done way with resulting in a lean organization hence better managed?
  • Linking of roles/ ownership associated with each function thereby assigning the responsibility and doing away with all the non value adding roles
  • Identification of the bottlenecks in proper flow of information, goods etc. from one function to another and their respective solutions
  • Identification of critical roles and responsibility required to maintain an efficient supply chain and equipping them with appropriate wherewithal to discharge their duties effectively
  • Strictly defining the reporting structure across the entire supply chain
  • Restructuring the supply chain with a view to building support throughout the firm, eliminating unnecessary delays, reducing costs, simplifying complexities
  • Developing the capability in order to acquire the critical roles internally over a period of time
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