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Program Management & Execution Leadership

Thoroughly thought out SCM plans have failed to deliver due to lack of program management and efficient execution. Execution forms the key to delivering results and operational excellence has become the top priority for top management across industries. Operational excellence starts right from the point when strategic business decisions are made, a well designed plan may not be executable on the shop floor if important decision drivers are overlooked. For a sustainable execution of any operation, strategizing with an eye on ground level realities goes a long way in successful execution. Program management of any execution should ideally be a separate project in itself, with clear timelines and resource allocation. Consultants understand that equal importance needs to be given to the execution stage for a successful project completion.

Cost, service and quality are the major key performance indicators for any industry and they are the result of operations rather than anything else. Strategic decisions cannot work on their own if not operationalized efficiently. With better informed, ever demanding customers, companies can hardly overlook the operational issues which may lead to inferior service levels, increase in cost or loss of customer altogether. Globalization has opened opportunities for low cost players in the market. This requires companies to squeeze out inefficiencies thereby prevailing on their execution part. Performance improvement opportunities are there for all to see but their execution remains a big challenge.

Meeting the expectation of all the stakeholders involve in the execution process is always a tough ask, which is why setting achievable goals, taking each participant into confidence, assigning the owner of each of the sub process, and having a strong inclination of the top management go a long way in a seamless execution. Each execution brings along certain changes in the existing processes, activities or roles for which a conducive environment needs to be created. People involved have to be informed about the need for such a change, all of which forms a part of a good program management.

Shop floor/ Ground level will present its own kind of challenges which, if not thought prior to implementation stage can cause roadblocks in the execution plan.

  • Input - Output control mechanism to control the flow through a new/ changed process have to be put in place.
  • Setting business rules for the governance of such processes form part of a successful execution strategy.
  • Performance measurement metrics have to be defined precisely.
  • Hand holding the process owners for the first few cycles so that there are no bumpy rides for them.
  • Measuring the performance of the process against the industry benchmark
  • Fine tuning the activities in case of performance not meeting the expectation
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