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Aqua Logistics ships telecom equipment from Finland and manages warehousing facilities and last-mile distribution in India

“A US based multinational company that manufactures telecom equipment in Denmark and Finland.”

This leading provider of Global Telephony Equipments provides solutions for wire line and mobile networks. Their solutions include new 3G services and streamlining of mobile networks, "triple play" of broadband voice, data and video services, amongst many others. They often service large transnational contracts.



The client was awarded a contract to supply products to Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. India.

Aqua Logistics was given the responsibility for these products to be shipped from Finland by Air. Warehousing and Distribution of these products to approximately 900 - 1000 project sites pan India was also entrusted to Aqua Logistics.

Key Challenge

Optimum inventory level was to be maintained in respective warehouses. Delivery of products to sites was to be done within a span of 24 hours. Also, it was required to give complete visibility of each SKU and documentation involved in the supply chain.


The project equipment was lifted off from Finland & Denmark. Aqua Logistics freight forwarded this equipment and handled the customs clearance at Indian Airports of discharge. The equipment was then transported from airport of discharge to the warehouses. Aqua Logistics provided and managed market positioned warehouses with optimum proximity to project sites. Basic services such as inventory services stock taking/ reconciliation were provided. Value added services like labeling, kitting, etc were also provided. Conveying and transporting the equipment from warehouses to the sites within the various Indian States.

Reverse logistics services involving re-import of unworkable modules and their re- imports after repairs in the company's manufacturing facilities abroad added further value. Aqua Logistics maintained a web-based information system to manage the documentation and inventory status associated with more than 500 products across the channel.


Improved and strategic planning process by Aqua Logistics led to on-time delivery of products to PGCIL. It resulted in reduced fixed assets and reduced transportation and administration cost. Faster cash-cash cycle time by full control of Logistics operations.

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