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“Creating a ‘one company’ governance structure by establishing a partnership at the top to run the company and using enterprise-wide standards, protocols, and values to develop an effective one company culture have created a niche standing for us in the corporate strategy.

Empowering employees and enabling them with opportunities to collaborate easily with one another, exchanging knowledge throughout the enterprise and bestowing assignments that match their skill and development needs ensure that we remain preferred employers.

The challenges have been great, but the payoffs in profitability and organizational excellence have been greater.”


Rajesh Uchil, Chairman,
Aqua Logistics

“Our people are our biggest strength in delivering optimum solutions to our clients.”

“At Aqua Logistics, we believe that our business is people-centric. The organization can grow only if we empower our employees and give them space to develop into effective leaders Indian culture stands for a unique value system, thereby imbibing truth, honesty and fair play in us. This helps us gain the trust of our clients, as our services are integrated into their businesses and we function as an external partner for their internal processes. We sincerely believe that a world class logistics and supply chain company, with a global reach can come out of India.

We believe in having best-in-class processes. We also believe that the other thing that can make our dreams a reality is Information Technology - the great enabler. Our investments in Information Technology have allowed us to develop systems and processes that enable our clients to have an up-to-the minute look at their goods as they move.

One major advantage our clients have when they partner with us is our extensive network. Our clients use this network to reduce their initial investment in setting up infrastructure in India, leaving them free to concentrate on increasing the market for their products.

I would like to end by saying, that we are staunch believers in long term relationships. Be it with our clients, employees, business partners, and our investors. We want our clients to benefit from the solutions we have to offer. We want our employees to be satisfied with the growth and the opportunities they receive within the organization. We want our business partners, specially our vendors, to grow with us as we do.

And, finally, we want our investors to be secure in the knowledge that their investment is in a sound company that adheres to the highest levels of financial and corporate governance and delivers a reasonable rate of return on capital employed.”


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