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Promoter Group Entities

Aqua Logistics vision of providing a holistic solution to our clients is supported by a 360° understanding of the business areas of Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Aqua Logistics has formed associates to leverage competency and expertise in specific business and Information Technology areas across verticals.

We are able to address important areas in the business value chain and our associates help in translating our understanding into solutions for an optimized and organized Supply Chain for our clients.

Some of our associates are:

Harapa International Private Limited
Harapa is an Integrated Software and Services Provider that provides On-site and Off-shore services in Application Packaging and Desktop Virtualization, Enterprise Storage Solutions and Software Applications Development in International Supply Chain Management and end-to-end IT-enabled solutions to clients in the US, Europe and Asia.

Solutions by Harapa are built using cutting edge Technology platforms and architected on the most updated techniques and methodologies. Harapa's team has been delivering solutions across various domains in the US, Europe and Asia for over 15 years.
Aqua Specialized Transport Private Limited
Aqua Specialized Transport is an Integrated Project Logistics specialist providing Consultancy on Strategic planning, feasibility studies and Project planning in Project logistics and Heavy-lift Transportation.

It also provides Chartering services for multi-purpose Specialized Projects and heavy lift Marine Vessels.

Aqua Management Consulting Group Private Limited
Aqua MCG is a leading Consulting firm, focused on delivering end-to-end Consulting Services in the Supply Chain and Logistics field. They work closely with Clients to optimize their Supply Chains, right from Strategic Consulting to ensuring successful execution aimed at value realization.

Solutions by Aqua MCG are based on thorough research and more than a decade of experience in this field. Aqua MCG specializes in the smooth flow of Supply Chain and the Strategic Planning for cost effective Supply Chains, Warehouse Planning and more.
Trikon Electronics Private Limited
Trikon Electronics is a Telecom and Internet Service Provider based out of Mumbai. Trikon provides telephony and VoIP solutions, Email Solutions and IaaS solutions. Trikon’s VoIP service is available worldwide and its telephony service is available in 11 countries across the globe.

Trikon Electronics Services and Solutions are targeted at Internet Service Providers, Information Technology Providers, Software Developers, E-commerce Solution Providers, Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters and Dealers of Electrical and Electronic Components.
LEFWorld Private Limited
LEFWorld is a Project that aims to be a Knowledge based intermediary in the Logistics and Supply Chain market. LEFWorld aims to create a network of Vendors, Consultants, Intermediaries and other such Service Providers and facilitate relationships between them.

The Project aims to create a Technology Platform for business-to-business communication and transaction between members of the network. The Project also aims to design processes and shared services to add value to this business.

Aqua PCW Private Limited
Aqua PCW is a Port Centric Warehousing project that aims to provide an integrated physically contiguous facility. An integrated facility will enable the user community to interact with a single window thereby reducing inefficiencies at a higher level of traceability and audits resulting in lower cost at a higher throughput.

This aims to facilitate the Importer to enable his Supply Chain from the source point to the destination point anywhere in India. The Management Team consists of professionals with core expertise in Logistics, Supply Chain, Project Management, Retail and IT.




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