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Reverse Logistics

Our IT-enabled solutions allow us to use network analysis and tools to optimize the transportation between warehouse and distribution centers. This allows us to deliver an effective reverse logistic service, as it involves the flow of surplus material or equipment back through the supply chain after meeting customer demand, or for repair or rework. Aqua Logistics can manage receiving, sorting, verifying and managing returned products’ reverse flow, keeping in mind the environment regulations.

As part of our Reverse Logistics services we ensure the control of material flows, repair, recycling or disposal. Aqua Logistics ensures that returned merchandise is taken care of - whether it needs to be returned to the plant, scrapped, or repacked and replaced as stock. Reverse logistics is a key market offering that effects customer perception, thus effecting an organization’s bottom-line. The design of such a process should accelerate both the order to delivery cycle as well as the cash to cash cycle. Aqua Logistics brings to the table experienced consultants who have been designing and implementing reverse logistics solutions across various industries.






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