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Aqua Logistics Trainee and Internship Programs

Aqua Logistics Management Trainee and Internship Program:

In today’s competitive world, solutions and innovations are the answers to the challenges faced by global companies. Aqua Logistics believes in grooming creative and hard working people from different areas of corporate management. Encouraging students and graduates, the potential leaders of tomorrow, Aqua Logistics shows them a growth trajectory. Students can gain experience and confidence by working in teams and also handle independent projects for self confidence, through training and internships. Minimum requirement is a First Class Graduate Degree and a Post Graduation in their area of specialization.

Aqua Logistics Supply Chain Graduate Trainee and Internship Program:

Work atomization demands an increasing number of post-graduates and graduates in specialized subjects. Aqua Logistics offers Supply Chain Graduates different operational placements throughout India and globally. Minimum requirement is a First Class Graduate Degree and a Post Graduation in Logistics / Supply Chain / Operations/ Systems.

Aqua Logistics can offer students a chance to work anywhere in India or globally if they have the required qualifications and the spirit of making a difference to the company they work in and a name for themselves.

So if you are a student interested in knowing more about Aqua Logistics’ Trainee and Internship Programs, please email us your details to the email address given below.

Please mention ‘Management Trainee Program’ or ‘Supply Chain Graduate Trainee Program’ in the subject line of email.




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